The Wax Bar.

The concept is simple. No manicures. No pedicures. Just waxing at its best – fast, affordable and done
really, really well. You won’t find fancy waterfall backdrops or the soothing sounds of nature beyond
our door. We’ve skipped the fuss and frills to focus solely on the fuzz. What you can expect is a simple,
sophisticated and service-oriented atmosphere where the perfect wax awaits.

The Evolution of Fuzz.

As clients of the waxing industry for over 10 years, we found we were constantly searching for the
perfect combination of high quality, quick service and affordable pricing, but were coming up short.

Failing to find a happy medium between high-end spas with high-end prices and the cheaper wax
alternative usually stuffed behind some flimsy curtain at the back of a shop, we decided to take matters
into our own hands.

The solution – Fuzz Wax Bar. Toronto’s First Wax Bar dedicated entirely to waxing services for men and
women. As self-proclaimed wax fanatics we knew what we had to do:

Deliver a great wax.

We don’t spread our energy out over a whole list of services. We focus on one thing and one thing only
- waxing. That means you’re dealing with experts here. You’ll get fast, focused and flawless service all in
the privacy and comfort of our professional and super clean waxing rooms.

Deliver a great wax at a good price.

Forget those high-end spas with their fancy price tags. Waxing shouldn’t break the bank every time. We
want to be seen as an affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice on quality. Our quick turnarounds and
open door policy helps us ensure our prices remain attractive.

Deliver a great wax at a good price and fast.

Did you know that the average wax in the city takes 45 minutes? 45 MINUTES! Who wants to lie around
being pawed and pulled at for that length of time? Not us! That’s why we use the quick waxing method
to ensure less pain and the ultimate in-and-out experience.

Now we take it up a notch. Memberships!

Rather than cross our fingers and hope that if we do everything right, you’ll come back. We’re going to
give you a bit more incentive. As a member of Fuzz Wax Bar, we’ll give you a place to feel comfortable
and cared for, to get your monthly wax and get showered with endless goodies and perks.

So there you have it, the Fuzz Wax Bar story. Now, get your bodies in here and get waxed already. Book
online or just walk-in – our door is always open.

Jessica & Florence