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Try Guy Gets a Manzilian
“Fuzz Wax Bar is a new “anti-salon” on Toronto’s trendy Queen St. W. strip. It’s a place where your goodies are literally in good hands…Its impact among males is surprising given the area’s reputation as a hairy hipster haven and its name, which reminds me of the book, James and the Giant Peach…” Read on here.



YEDaily: Jessica and Florence of Fuzz Wax Bar
Jessica and Florence are the ladies behind Fuzz Wax Bar, a concept that spawned from their travels abroad. With a location now on Queen Street West, find out what the two aspiring entrepreneurs have planned for the future in today’s YEDaily… Read on here.


 Huffington Post Style

What You Need To Know About Getting Waxed: 12 Waxing Myths And Truths Huffington Post consults the expert staff at Fuzz Wax Bar to get the skinny on some of the most common waxing myths. Read on here.


Jessica and Florence of Fuzz featured in She Does the City

“Tired of waxing being a hassle, Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven decided to take inspiration from the wax-only emporiums in Europe and open their own wax bar,Fuzz, on Queen West. This entrepreneurial team mixes marketing with managing to head up their unique business with a passion for adventure.Read on here.


Toronto Standard Fuzz Wax Bar feature

“…As Frampton and Gaven were catching up after the holidays, they realized that there was an untapped market for a fun and affordable specialized waxing service.“We knew it was coming to Toronto and we wanted to be the first to bring it” Frampton said.” Read on here.



20 essential beauty shops and salons in Toronto.
“Fuzz Wax Bar – No nails, no makeup, no blow-dries, no blush. Fuzz Wax Bar is waxing, and waxing only. The shop offers maintenance packages for the gifted hair-grower, and welcomes walk-ins for a last-minute groom. Plenty of products, too, to “soothe” your visit.”Read on here.

Review on Fuzz Wax Bar.
“…we really try to be efficient; in and out, for the woman on the go.” Frampton says Fuzz’s Brazilians, for example, take about 25 minutes. “We’ve done some research,” she says, “and some company policies say to keep you in the chair for 40 minutes or more so that you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.” Read on here.

She’s so Savvy

Fuzz’s service was so fast and painless, I signed up for an annual membership on the spot! If you’re someone interested in waxing, then I highly highly recommend their services! I’m actually looking forward to going back to Fuzz, now I just need to call my long time aesthetician…” Read on here.


“Enter the wax bar, a no-nonsense, quick in-and-out destination that has popped up in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto, and will doubtless be coming to other cities near you. I noticed one a few blocks from my house the other day, called Fuzz Wax Bar, and decided to poke my head in.(…) First, underarms. Surprisingly, the “hard wax” used at Fuzz Wax Bar for that area (and Brazilians) is considerably less painful than the soft wax that would later be applied to my legs. It’s a gel-based product sourced from France that goes on warm and goowy, and then hardens as it cools. After a few minutes, she just peeled it—and my hair—off. That was easy. No razor needed now for around four weeks. And when the new hair comes in, it should be progressively finer and weaker.” Read on here.


“Tell us a bit about yourself. What should people know?
We think of ourselves as two energetic young women with a lot of drive and passion for what we do. We’re both strong believers in the power of positive thinking and karma. Aside from our entrepreneurial inspirations, we’re avid travellers who enjoy good food and good wine. Our friends and family mean the world to us.” Read on here.


“The top hair removal tips for guys on how to prep for your waxing appointment. (…) “Guys always mentally prepare themselves before they come in, they don’t stand around too long because I think that if they do, they talk themselves out of it,” says Jessica Frampton, co-owner of Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto. To help educate men in the process of a waxing appointment, we chatted with Frampton about the best techniques and pain-relieving tips for head-to-toe hair removal.” Read on here.

Toronto Standard

“The women behind Fuzz Wax Bar tackled the art of hair removal with eyes on an empire. (…) What kind of challenges did you face when you first opened?
The main challenge for us was the risk in opening Fuzz Wax Bar. We were opening a concept that had yet to exist in Toronto at that time. [Pairing this] with no prior salon or business experience made our market research and realistic expectations very difficult to evaluate. Since our opening, other wax bars have popped up in the city, so it’s safe to say we started a really great trend.” Read on here.


“First-time waxer? We tracked down Florence and Jessica, the ladies behind Toronto’s charmingly-named Fuzz Wax Bar, where their specialty is de-fuzzing their male and female clientele. For newbies or those of us shy about the prospect of having hot wax applied to our lady parts, we’ve asked this expert duo for answers to some of the more preoccupying questions: A waxing 101:” Read on here.

Dainty Girl

“Founders, Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven, break down the spa barriers and cater to the woman (or man) on the go at Fuzz Wax Bar – I was in and out in 25 minutes after a full leg wax! (…) Will I continue waxing? 100% YES.
The pricing at Fuzz Wax Bar is already appealing, but ongoing maintenance is virtually guilt free with their monthly membership packages. Just choose the plan that meets your waxing needs and enjoy quality waxing and quick turnaround times for a fraction of the cost! You can schedule your appointments in advance using their easy online booking service, but their friendly open-door policy gives you the option to walk in for a quick wax if you need to.” Read on here.

The SkinY

“Within minutes, my waxer came to collect me. She brought me to a nice little room, clean and modern like the waiting area, and left me strip down. I quickly examined my surroundings while fumbling with my wooly socks. Clean bed with fresh paper? Check. Clean wax trolley with no leftover drips, sticks or random hairs? Check. Clean floor (as in, not having to hear that tearing-paper sound as your wax-riddled shoes pull away from the floor with each step for the rest of the day)? Check. Oh, and good music playing, to boot.” Read on here.

The Girls of T.O.

“Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and we know, as ladies, you want to look your absolute best regardless of where you are celebrating the day of love.(…) This is where Fuzz Wax Bar helps! Just like lingerie and the right shade of lipstick, a smooth, fuzz-free body can help women feel their most confident and sexy on February 14″ Read on here.

The Hip and Urban Girl’s guide

“Since opening in February of this year, they have seen a large group of wax newbies come through their doors. Jessica says, “The estheticians do one thing, and they do it really well. Newbies can put their goodies in our girls’ hands because they see up to 25 brazilian waxes a day. So if you’re a newbie, you’re likely to want to go to a professional who is waxing often.” Read on here.

The Scene in To

Not your average (wax) bar.
“Fuzz Wax Bar’s professionally trained waxologists are tops in their field and aim to make each visit as quick and pleasant as possible. Even a male patron getting waxed for the first time, visited and walked out feeling like “a new man.”
What are you waiting for? Don’t walk around like a hairy beast, get waxed.” Read on here.

Front Row Mag

Where to get waxed on Queen West
Fuzz Wax Bar (701 Queen St. West, Toronto) is a one-stop shop for waxing in Toronto’s West-end…The team admits to performing upwards of 18 waxes a day, with the Brazilian wax (for women $45, $25 for members; for men $70, $50 for members) the most popular amongst clients (surprisingly, it’s not just women).” Read on here.

Bahar Niramwalla

“…it’s the simplicity (and incredible pricing) that sets Fuzz Wax Bar apart.” Read on here.

Queen West Girl

“A place where you never needed to compromise anything when it comes to your lady bits. Quick? Of course! Professional? Absolutely! Clean? No need to even ask! Affordable? You better believe it.” Read on here.

Jamie-Leigh T.O.

“The ladies at Fuzz pride themselves on offering a clean environment, the very best waxing products and materials, friendly staff and most importantly, the best deal and quickest waxes in the city. They’ve been clients of the industry themselves, so they know exactly what to offer to keep people coming back.” Read on here.


Go Fuzz Free for Summer with Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto. Spring has sprung-and so, inevitably-has the issue of hair removal. For those seeking independence from their razors, waxing is a popular choice of treatment conveniently offered by most salons and spas…Enter Fuzz Wax Bar. Toronto’s first wax bar is completely dedicated to the specialty of waxing. The concept behind the newest beauty bar on Queen West is simple: high-quality, quick service combined with affordable pricing within a sophisticated, clean service-oriented environment.” Read on here.


“So I went for it. The full Manzilian… Fuzz Wax Bar, Toronto’s first wax bar dedicated to the waxing services for both men and women were my very gracious hosts for this unique experience…”Are gay men the target audience?” I ignorantly asked. And while they admitted about 50 per cent of the men who engage in waxing services are gay, there was a growing number of men that were either trying to match their partners in the hairless arena or trying to add that to their appeal of being young and single. Fair enough I thought. Show me to my room Tasha.” Read on here.

Beauty Connexion

“Curious, as we always are, we paid a visit to Fuzz Wax Bar and chatted with owners Florence Gaven and Jessica Frampton. The girls are true entrepreneurs, they saw an idea and knew that Toronto and Canada could benefit from a wax only bar.” Read on here.


“Finding a place that offers waxing services isn’t a difficult task in most cities — many spa facilities offer it as one of the services on their menu — but when you’re talking about messing with your lady bits you want to make sure the place you go to knows their stuff. A waxing bar, like the Fuzz Wax Bar in Toronto, offers its clientele waxing and waxing only. When a company only does one thing you know they’re going to do it well.” Read on here.