Go into business for yourself but not by yourself !
Fuzz Wax Bar makes it easy for you to be your own boss.

Fuzz Wax Bar Franchise

• Franchise Fee: $34K
• 6% royalty fee
• 2% ad fund
• Investment: $250K-$350K
Depending on the number of cabins and the overall size of the Wax Bar. (Includes franchise fee, training fee, set up from application to opening) – 50% must be unencumbered cash.


We offer loads of support to our franchising partners. This includes but is not limited to Operations, Site selection, Set up, Training, Marketing, Design, Pr. We have Operation Manuals for everything, so you’ll always have the answers to all your questions on hand, and if it’s not in the Manuals, our head office is always available.

Niche Beauty Industry

The niche beauty industry is a fun, low stress, low overhead and ever growing industry. Being experts at one thing and doing it really well is what sets Fuzz Wax Bar apart from full service salons and beauty bars.


We’re Canada’s first membership based Wax Bar and we have signed over 2000 members. How our Fuzz Franchise partners benefit from our membership system:
• Members sign up on a 12 month contract, insuring high customer loyalty and a predictable revenue stream.
• Memberships are transferable. This means members can use their membership at any Fuzz Wax Bar location, so everyone benefits from the Fuzz member community.
• Our Memberships give us a competitive advantage. Members get better prices, perks and discounts all year round, which helps them pick Fuzz as their go-to waxing place.
• Our Memberships create a sense of community. All franchisees work together to build on each other’s success and growth.

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