Taken, single, or somewhere in between–Valentine’s Day is for you! During this time, self-care has become a necessity and finding new ways to nurture the mind and body is a gift anyone can appreciate. Therefore, what better way to celebrate the day of love than feeling your best with Fuzz skin essentials!

We’ve curated a list of options for freeing Valentine’s Day from its heart-shaped box — and honouring love your own way! After all, when we each show more love to ourselves, we are able to extend more love to our community. 

Image by @suzanna_scott


Get intimate

Designed for all nether regions, our V-Mask penetrates the skin to clear away impurities, reduce inflammation and treat ingrown hairs, dry skin, and bumps! It’s soothing properties make it perfect for applying anywhere the skin is in need of a little extra TLC, even the face!

Give something sweet

Our Skin Perfecting Body Scrub combines an indulgent blend of sugar, salt, and oils to conjure all kinds of self-love! Designed to exfoliate the skin gently, yet effectively, and reveal healthy luminous skin every time. We recommend using both pre and post-wax to prevent ingrown hairs. 

Strip-less strip down

This year, at-home maintenance essentials have become highly-coveted! That’s why we created our At-Home Wax Kit, equipped with everything needed to maintain your fuzz! Complete with our high quality hard wax (no-strips required), this kit is perfect for cleaning up small sensitive areas like the face, upper lip, sideburns, underarms, and bikini line!

Bliss in a bottle

Experience a restorative moment of comfort with our Fuzz Skin Hydrating Body Lotion! Our formula sinks into the skin to deliver moisture and calm irritation— its lightweight quality allowing the skin to breathe without clogging pores. The must-have moisturizer for frequent waxers!

Take some time for you and make this V-Day a me-day! Enjoy 10% OFF site-wide, because you deserve it.