Self-starter. Mom-preneur. Fuzz superstar. Fuzz Whitby franchisee Dawn Flowers shares her favourite parts about being a Fuzz Franchise Partner.

I became a Fuzz Franchisee because I fell in love with the concept, the heart behind it and the idea of having a helping hand! That said, I was extremely nervous. My family and I were putting 100% into this business, money and time wise so it was very scary. But, having the support of Fuzz Home Office literally made the world of a difference. This girl gang is so inspiring, uplifting and motivating.


Experience isn’t a requirement

When I first decided to become a Fuzz Franchise Partner, I had little business experience, only a few years of management under my belt, and no esthetics experience whatsoever. But I had always wanted to be my own boss: since I was young, my motto was “work like this is YOUR business” and I did!

I always put 100% into everything I did, knowing that one day, I would own something of my own, and would be able to find hardworking staff like myself. I also wanted to create a business where I can be involved but also work from home when I wanted without having to explain myself. I want my daughters to grow up seeing how hard we work and want the same life/work balance when they grow too!

The opening process was a breeze

Opening my first location was extremely fun, nerve wracking, and super informative. Everything was new, and it was such a learning experience for me, but the support I received from Fuzz Home Office was phenomenal – they were there every step which made things very easy. They have manuals and “check lists” to get you through anything!

I have an amazing support system

Ongoing support is very important to me and it’s one of the main reasons I decided to buy a franchise with Fuzz instead of opening something on my own. Business is tricky, and Fuzz Home Office has it down to a science. They know A LOT more than me, and have gone through the exact same steps I’m about to do, which is super helpful. They’re able to point things out that I would not have caught or even thought of. It’s like having a super personal assistant on your side that loves and cares about your business as much as you do.

Maintaining a work/life balance is easy

My day to day routine has been a dream for me since opening up my first location. I’m a work-a-holic by nature, but my lifestyle has become about as close to perfect as possible. I have 2 great kids, and I  take my time with them in the mornings before school and then get to the wax bar for the day, and make it home in time for dinner. I work very hard because I love what I do, will sometimes head back to the location to finish up a few things. Weekends I have the ability to spend the weekends with my family – which is awesome.

Room for growth

Our first location has been very successful, so we have purchased another 2 locations! We are actively looking for our second location and are super excited about it! What I have leaned in the first 2 years has been super empowering so I am definitely feeling much more confident this time around!


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