Lifestyle blogger and founder of Pastel & Pastries, Gabriella Pacifico (@gabpacifico) is an avid waxer, beauty fanatic, and lover of all things skincare. We sat down with her to learn about her top 6 essentials for when it comes to keeping her skin smooth in between waxes.




Here are six steps I do to keep skin smooth in between waxes.

So, you want the smooth skin you only ever dream about? That silky softness that seems to disappear a few days post wax? Well, it can be done, friends! You can keep your skin smooth and soft way past wax day.


Put down the razor.

This may be hard, but I definitely see the best results from waxing if I do it regularly. I noticed that shaving in between waxing could lead to ingrown hairs, uneven waxes, and more! Can we just mention the little cuts and bumps, too? We’ve all been there. Plus, my hair growth really slowed down the more I waxed. Who wants to take one step forward and three steps back? Even if it’s challenging, putting down the razor will definitely lead to smoother skin over time!


Start by healing, not concealing. 

Bobbi Brown said it best– “Beauty from the Inside Out”. I found that adding more berries, water, collagen, and omega-3’s to my diet has a direct effect on my skin. For me, antioxidants and ample hydration allows my skin to radiate and literally glow, as its less inflamed, and more nourished. I know that dairy makes me break out or can cause my psoriasis to flare up, so it’s necessary that I avoid them. I’ve learned the gut controls the whole body and I noticed that having dull and inflamed skin was a sign that I was sensitive to certain foods. Knowing what can give you an adverse reaction and reducing its consumption is numero uno for skincare. Trust me, guys! Once I found what works for my body I noticed a huge difference in my skin texture and tone. That’s why it’s essential to begin from within. You can’t correct something if you don’t know the problem!


Dry brushing.

Dry brushing is one of the most underrated skincare routines out there! But seriously, nothing makes me feel smoother than a good dry brush. You can literally see the dead skin flying away. What I’m left with is super smooth, baby-like skin! So how do I do it? I start at the bottom of my feet using circular motions, then work my way up to the legs, the behind and stomach. I usually do a few circular motions before moving on to the next area. I then move on to my arms, back and finish off with my neck and chest. It stimulates the lymphatic system and really get the blood flowing which can be a necessity if you work at a desk all day (like me)! It’s also known to improve energy, detox the skin and enhance radiance. Try it for yourself! I always dry brush before hopping in the shower and finish off with a luxurious body oil.

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Exfoliate the skin.

For me, exfoliation is necessary to remove layers of dead skin as new skin cells are growing underneath. Find an exfoliator with a fine grit and a little abrasion to allow the new cells to shine through to the surface. It also helps me prevent ingrown hairs as they can seep through new skin, and are not becoming trapped under the surface. Exfoliating increases circulation, and when you use natural oil ingredients you can really hone in on the smoothening effects and get velvety skin. Try the All Natural Skin Perfecting Body Scrub by Fuzz Wax Bar x Consonant Skincare! It contains sugar and salt to really maximize on exfoliation. It’s perfect for pre-and post-wax!


Do not neglect during the winter.

Oh, I know… It’s called hibernation, right? I have been guilty of this. Giving up on waxing during the winter months only to pick it back up in the summer when it becomes a necessity. But as I mentioned before, the more you do it the thinner your hair will be, and the smoother your skin will be. This is because your skin will have remained familiar to the process and you are not starting all over again!


Use body oils. 

Body oil is your best friend. I used to be a cream girl, through and through, until I tried dry body oils. They go on so silky and smooth and absorb into the skin almost instantly so you are not left feeling slimy or just plain oily. You want to use a dry oil that is made of botanicals so that is nourishes, repairs and protects the skin. It goes on silky smooth, it’s made with natural ingredients, and the smell is divine. And remember, don’t wash your hands after you put it on. Go ahead and add it to the ends of your hair, or anywhere else that needs a little love!

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Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear what your tips are for keeping your skin silky smooth!