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We do one thing and one thing only – waxing. We are experts in our craft who continually adapt and innovate to provide the most transparent, supportive, and streamlined client experience in the business. Since day one, Fuzz has been a place where we support one another no matter what, where we focus on positive solutions, and where we go to work every day loving what we do and the people we do it with.


In February of 2012, a $7 sweater brought Jessie and Flo together at a thrift store. We quickly became friends and soon discovered that we’re both committed to waxing for our hair removal. We were both seeking a wax place we loved in our city, but couldn’t seem to find one.


We weren’t asking for much, just reasonably-priced services in a clean environment. And we didn’t want to devote hours of our day to the process. Oh, and it would be great if the setting was welcoming and comfortable, as well. No such place existed at the time. So we did what any enterprising women would do–we built it! We created the experience we wanted to have. And now, Fuzz is a multi- million-dollar company, founded on the principles of body positivity, personal and financial growth, innovation, and community.


As we built the company, we kept coming back to one question: Are we proud of each and every aspect of our business? We molded our brand and our community to consciously embody what we wanted to be a part of when we started out, both as business owners and as waxing clients ourselves.

(Français) Qui sommes- nous?

(Français) Nous sommes une équipe de jeunes gens fun et dynamiques qui font de la transparence, le développement personnel et la positive attitude une priorité. Nous sommes des passionnés de l'industrie de la beauté et du bien-être… et de l'épilation bien sur!


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