The days of the aesthetics market for men being a choice of clippers or sheers are behind us! You may have come across Instagram accounts like @Dewydudes filled with hilarious and informative memes about skincare, seen celebrity stylist Chris Appleton win hair influencer of the year 2019, taken the gospel skincare advice of esthetician Sean Garrette or know a cream loving cohort in your personal life. Increasingly, men are being recognized as beauty enthusiasts and experts–and the community is changing to reflect that.

Last year, 39% of men said they prioritize beauty and grooming, not too far from the 45% of women who similarly answered the same survey. While haircuts and barber services remain the top choice across generations, services like waxing and facials are gaining popularity. It seems like we’re not the only ones noticing these trends. Men’s Grooming Day was founded by the American Crew, to celebrate men who want to incorporate better grooming practices into their routine on the third Friday of every August. We’re honouring this growing holiday with an introduction to waxing for first time fellas.

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Our Guide for Men’s Waxing

If you’re a man who values both hair removal and skin health, incorporating waxing into your routine is a great option! Those who exclusively shave, will do so about 16,000 times in their life. For sensitive, skin constant shaving can lead to irritation and for normal skin this can lead to sensitizing. The addition of waxing can cut down on this large amount of lifetime shaves and preserve the skin, because the results last about 4 weeks. 

We understand that venturing into the unknown is no easy feat and that’s why we’ve put together our guide for gents new to waxing!

You’ve Got Options

There are an array of 24 services available for men, from the face to the toes. Nose, chest, manzilian? If you’ve thought of it, it can likely be done! The only area we steer clear of is the beard.

Prep and Prime

To prepare yourself for your first wax, wherever it may be, we have a few tips: Ditch the razor for at least three weeks to let the hair grow, take a warm shower before your appointment and forgo any oils or lotions! Read our full list of pre & post wax advice here.

*Note to all skincare aficionados, stash away the retinoids and any other potent topical treatments that increase skin sensitivity for about a week before facial waxing–or to be safe, opt for our threading service

How We Do It!

Health and sanitation are our main priorities, so upon arriving you will be brought to your room that has been heavily sanitized between each client. You’ll have some alone time to undress, freshen up if necessary and lay down on the wax bed. Then it’s time for the waxing to begin! Remember, your Fuzzologist is there to help and you are welcome to ask all of your wax related queries.

Helpful hack: Take a deep breath! Check out our best breathing practices, straight from a meditation expert, so you can relax and enjoy the service.

Care Instructions

Maintaining smooth skin that’s free of irritation is all about exfoliating and moisturizing! Keeping the skin hydrated and exfoliated prevents the hairs from getting trapped under the skin as they grow back. We know it may be tempting to shave again once you see sprouting, but recommend resisting. Shaving will interrupt the natural regrowth and make the hairs thicker. Oh, and always remember your SPF!

Come Back!

This is the most important part, routine! Waxing regularly makes it less painful, causes hair to grow back thinner and reduces the likeliness of ingrown hairs. Our recommendation is coming back for your wax every 3-4 weeks.

All bodies are welcome! We have always aimed to be an inclusive space for all genders and want to help men looking to add waxing to their grooming routine, do so with confidence.