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This week we had a chance to chat with Brandy Mercredi, the founder and designer at Toronto label FRANC. We’re so excited to have Brandy share her secrets when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance! With her hectic schedule as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, she’s is the perfect choice for a little wellness inspiration.

Read on for Brandy’s top 5 tips for making time for self-care.


There is nothing more cliché then hearing someone say just how busy they are, but what is even more cliché is just how often we tell ourselves we are too busy to do things for our self. That internal dialogue will run on and on forever if you let it. What I have learned (and am still learning) is when I don’t quiet that dialogue and carve out time for myself, my business and productivity feels the pain. These are 5 ways I focus on stopping the cliché internal dialogue because busy is not a great thing but finding the time to take care of yourself is.

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ONE: Sleeeeeep

I am myself an insomniac which at one point in my career actually felt like a badge of honour because when I wasn’t sleeping I was getting sooo much work done. Guess what? Those extra hours of late night working, while everyone else is sound asleep is actually more like a hurtful punishment than winning the time lottery. Sleep is the greatest productivity hack you will ever find, not to mention the very best anti-ageing serum you could ever take. Sleep now and work later, choose sleep always.

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TWO: Move every single day

I have come to realize if I do not practice yoga or workout in some form every single day I fall off the wagon fast and then it’s all downhill and sedentary from there. Movement, even for 10-15 min a day is something our bodies need, but taking it up a notch to a real sweaty heart-pumping workout will do your mind and body wonders (not to mention help make #1 much easier to attain).

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THREE: Be mindful in how you eat

Plan for busy days and plan (or pack) snacks. Follow what your body needs and what nourishes you best. Making smart(er) food choices during the day, rather than grabbing something because your stomach is yelling at you doesn’t seem like some luxurious self-care tip but that’s sorta the best part. Being good to yourself doesn’t have to be a luxury.

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FOUR: Take time for skin care and your beauty routine

When do you feel at your best? After your monthly wax? Maybe after a haircut? If taking care of your skin with serums makes you feel great, don’t skip it! If getting your wax monthly puts a pep in your step, schedule that sucker in. Personally, I will talk myself out of these rather basic beauty routines every time because my internal dialogue tells me I’m too busy or I shouldn’t spend the money on myself. But the thing is, I know they make me feel good, so iCal to the rescue! Schedule it in and carve out the time.

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FIVE: Give your body what it needs

I am a health enthusiast (aka nut) and I have a list of supplements (elixirs and foods) I cannot live without. I actually have no specific suggestions here in terms of what I give my body every day to keep me feeling great, other than give your body what it needs. No one knows your body better than you, but second to that would be a naturopath or nutritionist who can help you figure out what your body needs (or is missing) in terms of nutrition. Never trust Dr.Google or a friend, our bodies are all too different. The long and short of it is, we have one body. Give it what it needs and treat it well. It’ll thank you and only benefit your business life.

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