Fuzz began as two friends with an idea to make clean, convenient and affordable waxing accessible to their community. Today, as Canada’s 1st membership-based wax bar, we are a staple in the aesthetics market. As we’ve grown, it’s become important for us to reach back and provide opportunities for those that are new to the professional side of the beauty industry–and that’s how our franchising program was born! All goals can be confidently achieved with support and guidance, including opening your own business. Just ask our Fuzz franchise partners!

Fuzz franchise partner, Alexia.


Together, we can.

Before Alexia was owner of East Toronto locations, Fuzz Leslieville and Fuzz on Church, she dreamed of being her own boss, “Having a franchise seemed like the perfect path for me as it was owning my own business but with a proven model. Having no experience, I needed a company that was willing to give me a lot of support and training,” she explained, “When I came across Fuzz Wax Bar, I loved the company values and knew that they would be there to support me every step of the way. Throughout the entire franchising process, I’ve felt supported and heard. I know that I have a whole team behind me that has my best interests at heart and is always willing to listen and to help.”

Franchisees, like members, are part of our community. In fact, Aly, began her journey as a committed member at our first Queen Street West location. Being an avid waxer, she fell in love with the concept of a membership-based service. After she relocated from Ontario to Alberta in 2015, our break up was too much to bear, “I searched for the same experience here and Fuzz was always on my mind! Fast-forward 5 years, I didn’t find it, and here I am, Fuzz Franchise partner!” Now she is proudly the owner of our first Alberta location, in Red Deer!


Feeling fulfilled

The best feature of franchising? They agree it’s the ability to balance being dedicated to their work, with the flow of life. Owner of Ajax and Whitby locations, Dawn, is a mother. Becoming a franchise partner, she gained the flexibility to both parent and establish her career, on her time.

Beyond the personal perks, the partners gain fulfillment from embodying our collectivist culture by employing, empowering and educating others. “To have my employees succeed and be happy in their work is extremely rewarding. We love to support and encourage our staff to pursue their dreams and grow both professionally and personally,” says Alexia, “To work for a brand that promotes female empowerment and body positivity is another aspect I love about Fuzz…If we have one client say they love coming to Fuzz because it is an environment that makes them feel comfortable in their skin, then we have done our job!”


What’s next?

Our franchise relationships continue to develop after the store opening, there is always room to grow with us. Even as our newest franchisee, Aly has a vision for her future with Fuzz, “I would love to open more, that is the plan. We have been open for 3 months, so in time! Look out Albert–maybe BC too. ”

Alexia’s current goals are to grow her locations and increase their performance, “I want to teach and guide my team to be autonomous. I want to create an environment where the staff and business thrives.”

Dawn has the franchising bug, and is looking to bring Fuzz to more neighbourhoods (maybe yours!), “I am currently scouting a 3rd location and have a 4th in mind- I’m hooked!”

Bringing your professional dreams to life is possible, even when you’re starting out as a passionate client. To learn more about breaking into the beauty industry, visit our franchising page: https://fuzzwaxbar.com/en/about/franchising/