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We’re proud to create products that are all-natural and made from the highest quality ingredients to care for your skin! We want to put the same care and attention towards reducing our impact on our planet, which is why we decided to go paperless as of January 2018.

Since then, we’ve taken several steps to eliminate paper waste and reduce our impact on the environment:

  • We streamlined our sign-in process to remove paper copies, eliminating the need for nearly 10,000 pieces of paper monthly
  • We’ve replaced all of our paper marketing, including our waxing tips and Vajacial info with laminated cards
  • We offer e-receipts to our members after every purchase
  • We switched all our payment records to electronic rather than hard copies

With these steps we’ve reduced our paper waste by approximately 95%, and are excited to continue to reduce our overall carbon footprint in the months to come. With your help, we’re well on our way to achieving our sustainability goals!

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In light of this weekend’s Earth Day celebrations, we’re highlighting some simple swaps that anyone can make to reduce their environmental impact. Although it may feel like a drop in the ocean, if we all took small actions to change our daily habits we’d be well on our way to a healthier planet.

Read on for some of our favourite ways to reduce our environmental impact daily!

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  1. Swap out single use plastic

Single use plastics are one of the largest contributors to plastic waste, adding up to nearly 300 million tons each year. World-wide, although nearly half of these plastic items can be recycled, only around 10%makes it into the recycling bin. Things like plastic bags, water bottles, plastic utensils, and straws are some of the easiest things to swap out for a reusable option, which can greatly reduce your plastic waste.

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  1. Shop local

The benefits of shopping local are almost endless! By shopping for produce and clothing that are produced locally, you’re supporting small businesses while also caring for our planet. Locally produced goods don’t have to travel as far to reach their end location, decreasing the amount of fuel needed to transport them and their carbon footprint as well.

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  1. Think outside the car

By now we’re all well aware of the dangers of greenhouse gases produced by driving. To reduce your carbon footprint, why not try an alternate method of transportation to get to work if you can avoid driving? Other options that could work for you include carpooling, taking transit, or riding a bike. On top of reducing your environmental impact, alternate methods of transportation are also a great way to fit a good sweat sesh into a busy schedule!

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  1. Choose sustainable

If you’re new to the world of clean beauty and sustainable clothing, no worries! There are plenty of great resources online to help you find the best in organic, sustainably grown, and fair-trade options when you’re shopping. There are tons of amazing brands to choose from that are making sustainability a priority, whether it’s by using recycled materials in their clothing, or by eliminating toxic ingredients throughout production.

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  1. Embrace your green thumb

With a rise in urban areas and a decrease in farmland and forested areas, we’re quickly losing green space to the concrete jungle. To get back in touch with your natural side, consider planting an urban garden or starting a countertop planter. Adding greenery indoors is a natural mood booster, and they also purify the air to increase indoor air quality.

However you decide to embrace sustainability, it’s easier now than ever to be green!