Hi everyone!

I’m Jessie – the Co-Founder of Fuzz Wax Bar. I have a new and exciting find to share with you (including a discount code!) But first, a little backstory…

Jessie Frampton - Co-Founder of Fuzz Wax Bar

About seven years ago, I set off on a personal wellness journey where I completely reevaluated my choices as a consumer. At the time, I discovered the harmful chemicals that exist in beauty products and the food we eat, and the environmental benefits of purchasing food locally. Now, I make a consistent effort to find healthy and locally-sourced markets and food in order to reduce my carbon footprint and treat my body well.

Let’s talk about meat. 

When it comes to food, particularly meat, it was hard to find a source I could trust. While I don’t eat meat often, when I do, it’s important to me to know where it comes from. We all naturally wonder, what was the animal being fed? What quality of life did the animal have, and did it ever see daylight? There are too many horror stories about farm animal cruelty. That’s why I am so happy to be a customer of NIKU Farms, and I want to share them with you.

Niku Farms

About NIKU Farms

NIKU is an Ontario-based meat provider that is partnered with seven local, independent farmers in Ontario, all of which have the highest standards of care for their animals. All meat from NIKU is GMO-free, grass-fed, and pasture-raised. The best part? NIKU delivers meat right to your door for no extra charge. As a busy entrepreneur, this adds huge value for me. Convenient, healthy, and ethical? Hell to the yes.

We Bring the Farm to Your Door - Niku Farms

Try NIKU for yourself.

I’m so passionate about NIKU products, and I want to give all of you a chance to try it. In fact, I’m SO enthusiastic, I’m sharing a discount code made just for the Fuzz Community – use code FUZZWAXBAR for $30 off your first order. For more information on NIKU Farms, you can visit their website.

Eat and buy well,