On October 1st, we’re getting a digital upgrade! We are switching to Zenoti, a new and improved operating system. This change will bring you an official Fuzz app: enhancing the way you book, shop, communicate with us and more. A powerhouse in the palm of your hand! In preparation for the launch, we want to give you a lowdown on what to expect.

We’re taking care of everything

Members, all information will be automatically transferred over! There is only one thing for you to do; reset your login. Here is how:

  1. Head over to our “Locations” page.
  2. Choose your preferred location.
  3. Select the “Book an Appointment” option. 
  4. Once on the booking page, click “Sign in” located in the top right corner.
  5. Enter the email address you currently use to login and select “Forgot my password”.
  6. Create a new password.
  7. Now, you’re all set!

*This can only be done after 8 am EST on October 1st*

Depending on your membership renewal date, the payment process may be delayed and you will receive a call from us to confirm your payment details.

Better booking

Get ready for an enhanced booking process. With our new app you can book anywhere, anytime, in seconds! Now, you’ll receive a confirmation via text when you schedule an appointment and be able to chat instantly with our frontline staff.

Self check-in

With geofenced technology, you can check-in as soon as you enter our wax bars. Take a seat, we’ll know you’ve arrived! No need to wait at the front desk.

Keeping it sanitary

Sanitation has always been our priority. We’re reducing contact with the introduction of touchless payments and waivers! With a quick QR code scan, you can purchase memberships and gift cards using your phone.

Friendly reminder

This also means we will no longer be active on the Mindbody app (Au revoir!). Please note, we’ll be closed from September 30th, 7pm EST to October 1st, 8am EST to ensure a smooth transfer. Appointments will be unavailable during that time.

We’re excited to bring our clients a streamlined experience! Stay tuned, the official Fuzz app will be ready for download mid-October. If you have any questions, reach out to us at one of our locations or send us a message on our socials!