Self-care is for everyone, every day. From pictures of bubble baths to golden brown pastries, there are over 30 million uses of the hashtag! With such a smorgasborg attached to the word, it’s fair to ask the question, “What is self-care?”. Truthfully, it is all of those things and more. Self-care refers to the choices we make on a regular basis that contribute positively to our mental and physical health

Self-care heals and empowers. It’s been a tool to satisfy both physical and emotional needs, since as early as the 50’s. These conscious decisions have remained so essential that today, July 24th has been marked an international day of awareness. 7/24, a date to remind us how often we bask in the benefits of self-care. 

A pair of hands holding and comforting a woman. a
Illustration: @nataliebyrne


Our beauty routines are one embodiment of the International Self-Care Day message. Personal grooming is intentional time we set aside to do something for ourselves and be mindful of our bodies. Beyond the immediate aesthetic benefit, there is a lasting positive effect on our sense of self as a result of making caring for ourselves a habit. Whether it’s our daily skincare regimen or our monthly wax appointment, these are ways we thank our bodies for all they do for us.

Self-care gurus and novices alike, we can all use an extra dose of TLC in our lives! Try taking your current routine to the next level by nurturing your skin, mind and body with these tips:

1. Sleep for the skin 

Adequate sleep is essential for brain function, immunity and many other health aspects including maintaining the skin. During a good quality sleep cycle, skin is renewing and repairing. After thoroughly cleansing your skin, make the last step in your regimen applying a few drops of a face oil. For 6-8 hours at night, your skin cells will be hard at work but your face will be undisturbed by the environmental stressors of the day. This is the perfect time to have an oil locking in moisture. 

P.S. This tip is for oily skin types as well! If you experience oiliness, look for a face oil formulated with ingredients high in linoleic acid. This includes oils like grapeseed, rosehip and evening primrose.

2. Squeeze in self-care, even on a busy day  

When your schedule is packed tight, there are still opportunities to work relaxation into your to-do list! For example, before a shower, take just a few minutes to dry brush. This increases circulation, eliminates toxins and prevents ingrown hairs.

Super self-care hack: A fast-drying clay mask works its purifying magic in as little as 3 minutes. So, you can multitask by spreading an even layer to any area of the skin and allowing the shower steam to help it penetrate. 

3. Post-workout cleansing

We know that exercise produces endorphins that improve our mood. However, it also produces sweat and sebum, that when left on the skin too long after a workout can clog the pores. Make the most of that post-workout glow by cleansing your skin as soon as possible. Using a cleansing product that gently exfoliates, breaks apart dead skin cells to prevent them from combining with sebum and getting trapped within the pores!

International Self-Care Day is about making a commitment to feeling good. Let’s celebrate by incorporating at least one new act of self-care into our routines! It can be one of our tips or one of your own. 

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