Update: 06/24/2020, 12:00 PM ET:

ALL OF OUR LOCATIONS ARE REOPENING! Please see the schedule of the reopening dates below. We are currently not offering facial services, as per government regulations.

June 20, 2020: Fuzz Whitby, Ajax & Plateau 

June 24, 2020: Fuzz Oakville

June 25, 2020: Fuzz Mississauga E

June 26, 2020: Fuzz Yonge & Eglinton

June 27, 2020: Fuzz Leslieville and Fuzz Sheppard Centre

June 29, 2020: Fuzz on Bloor and Fuzz on Queen W

We have elevated our Health & Sanitation policies to go above and beyond to give you the same wax in an even cleaner space. Read about it here.   


What you need to know about your membership!
Your membership will be unsuspended starting June 20 and you will be back on schedule! Your autopay date may have changed – please log in to your Mindbody account to see your next payment date.

If you have any unredeemed services, they have already rolled over and are ready to use. You can redeem them at any time.

For any questions about your membership, please email us at info@fuzzwaxbar.com.


Update: 03/27/2020, 4:00 PM ET:

We were hoping our temporarily closure would only be for a few weeks, but unfortunately it may be longer than anticipated. Given the current situation, we are suspending all memberships, effective immediately.
We have a community of 10,000 amazing members, and have currently been working on getting them suspended as a whole, which previously was not an option with our operating system. 


What happens to the services I couldn’t redeem?
Any services that you weren’t able to redeem during our closure are credited to your account automatically. You can use these services in the future, whether it’s in the same month, or at the end of your contract as an additional month. You will not have to take any action on this, as these services will automatically rollover and be credited in our system. 

For Fuzz Fanatics, you will have your 3 services added to your account that you were not able to redeem. These can be used at any time.

If you have a Fuzz Faithful membership, you will have any bikini wax or full chest/back added to your account that you can redeem at any time, and be used as an additional month. You can only redeem the services that are included in your membership, and cannot be exchanged for different services (for example, if you receive a bikini wax each month, it cannot be exchanged for brows).

Fuzz Fan’s, because you weren’t able to redeem member pricing on our services, we will be adding a complementary wax onto your account that you can redeem at any time.


What should I do about my hair while you’re closed?
Use this time to embrace your Fuzz! We recommend growing out the hair you typically remove. That being said, trimming is encouraged! Remember to still continue to stick to your in-between care and skincare routine. Exfoliate regularly, and moisturize daily.


How do I continue to support Fuzz Wax Bar?
The best thing you can do is continue your membership with us, and/or purchase a gift card to be used when we reopen. For every $50 gift card purchased, you will also receive a complimentary wax! To purchase a gift card, simply select your location under ‘Shop’. 

During this closure, we will continue to accept online orders. In fact, each week, we will be offering a discount on the brands we carry to our community. 

You can also continue with your membership and continue to receive rolled over credits – we would be incredibly grateful for your support. This closure is only temporary, and we will reopen as soon as we can. To do this, please click here to continue your billing cycle.


When will you reopen?
We will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. We’re monitoring the situation very closely, and will let you know when there is an opening date. Members will receive priority booking, and we will send you an email as soon as possible.

For latest on our reopening, please follow us on Instagram, @fuzzwaxbar.




Update: 03/17/2020, 1:06 PM ET:

As the progression of the Covid-19 virus continues, our locations are temporarily closing. As of Wednesday, March 18, all Fuzz locations will be closed.

We have been so proud of the strength and positivity of our community, which continues to motivate us and has inspired us to keep going. However, the health and safety of our clients and team come first, and we’ve had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close in an effort to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading.

This has had a huge impact on the global community, but with your support, we’ll get through this together. Now more than ever is the time to support small businesses, and continue to support those around you.

Members, any missed services will be redeemable and will rollover to following months. All appointments will be cancelled during this closure time.

We will continue to monitor the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as government recommendations.

Despite our locations being temporarily closed, we’re here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email and include your full name and phone number to info@fuzzwaxbar.com. 

For updates, follow us on social @fuzzwaxbar 



The health of our community is at the forefront of our minds every day. In light of recent concerns surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to share with you the policies and procedures in place to ensure the health and well-being of those in our care. Our health and sanitation commitments will always be the same; to go above and beyond the industry standard, and we take this very seriously.


What we’re doing:

  • Given our pre-existing Health & Sanitation Standards, all of our wax bars are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis throughout the working day.
  • Our employees are receiving additional Health & Sanitation training to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Hand sanitizer is located throughout every area of our wax bars. Before performing each service, Fuzzologists® are required to sanitize their hands before putting on their gloves.
  • Gloves are put on at the start of each appointment, and are changed if the service is interrupted for any reason (leaving the wax room, touching their face, etc).
  • New, fresh bed paper is pulled onto the bed for each client. On top of this, our wax rooms are heavily sanitized and scrubbed down in between clients.
  • We are no longer booking facial appointments.
  • We never double dip waxing sticks, and brow brushes and spoolies are disposed after each use.
  • All tweezers or tools used are heavily sanitized and soaked in alcohol.
  • To prevent the spread of germs, single-use paper towels are provided in the bathrooms to dry your hands.

What You Can Do:

  • At Fuzz, we don’t have a cancellation policy. If you are feeling under the weather, we encourage you to reschedule your appointment to avoid the spread of germs.
  • If you have travelled internationally in the previous 14 days, please cancel your appointment in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Wash your hands regularly and at every opportunity. We have antibacterial soap in all of our bathrooms, along with hand sanitizer at our cash desk that you can utilize as much as you like.
  • Regularly disinfect your items and surfaces, such as your phone, credit/debit cards, and other items that come in contact to public surfaces.
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, and eyes as much as possible.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Keep away from others who are sick.

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19 and develop a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, please call your healthcare provider immediately. 

We will continue to monitor the recommendations provided by location Health Boards as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). The health and safety of both our clients and staff are top of mind during this time. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call your nearest Fuzz location, or email us at getsocial@fuzzwaxbar.com.

Love and care,

The Team at Fuzz Wax Bar