‘We People’ is a gentle reminder that we are all in this together. 

Community means something to us; a sense of belonging, and an understanding that we are stronger when we are together. ‘We People’ is a campaign that stands for inclusivity, it removes the divide and bridges the gap, with one mission; to bring people together.

And this season, we’ve launched ‘We People’ T-Shirts to give back to our community.


A more inclusive community is a more accepting one, and now more than ever is the right time to come together and help others in need. We all have the opportunity to give everyone a fair chance. This winter, we have teamed up with an organization that works every day to ensure that every Canadian has food on their table; Food Banks Canada.

Food Banks Canada shares our values that everyone is taken care of and equal opportunities for all. For us there was no better way to give back than to join forces with an organization that also has inclusivity at their core. Everyone matters, we are a proud Canadian brand and as Canadians it’s in our nature to care and look out for others. 

“We People”, we the community, we stand together; will you stand with us? Grab your T-Shirts today.

All proceeds go to Food Banks Canada to ensure no one goes hungry this winter.