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Fuzz Plateau

As North America’s first membership based beauty bar, Fuzz Wax Bar has always been top of mind in the media, and has received tons of press from across the board. Want to feature Fuzz? Email us at for partnership opportunities.

See what others have been saying

"“This popular wax bar is no stranger to the 6’s beauty scene and they have the rep to prove it.”

FLARE Magazine

"They’ve become one of the go-to spots in the city for fast and affordable waxing services for any fuzz from head-to-toe!"


"This beauty bar is focused on hair removal alone, ensuring you'll be seen be an efficient pro."

The Kit

"Those who like to go bare flock to Fuzz Wax Bar, which adheres to the highest hygiene standards and makes waxing as painless as it can possibly be."

Now Magazine

"While getting a Vajacial® is an intimate process, Fuzz's Fuzzologists® are committed to making the clients feel comfortable and unembarrassed."

Style List

"Fuzz Wax Bar [is] the country’s uber popular and rapidly growing wax salon."


"Whether you want to clean up your brows or need a full body over-haul, at Fuzz you’re always in the hands of an experienced professional."

ELEVATE Magazine

"Fuzz’s future has never looked more promising thanks to Jessie and Flo’s palpable chemistry as both friends and co-founders."

Rogue Stories

"If you’re looking for a thorough bikini wax, or their signature ‘Vajacial’ to get everything in order, you’ve come to the right place."

View the Vibe

"[Fuzz Wax Bar] gets rid of any fuzz in a flash, at affordable prices. The Brazilian gets your lady parts in good order fast - in 20 minutes or less."

Flare Magazine

"The first main difference I found upon entering Fuzz was the sheer professionalism I was met with upon reception, and how clean the facilities were."

Creator's Commune

"The Fuzz products work to keep your skin smooth and refreshed, wax or no wax!"

Lou Lou

"Toronto’s Fuzz Wax Bar has become a leader of the vajacial – a treatment designed to prep and pamper your skin in between wax appointments."

Toronto Sun