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[va-jay-shul] NOUN
"1. A Facial for your Vagina"

The Vajacial is a treatment designed to prep and pamper your skin in between wax appointments. Best performed one to two weeks post-wax, our Fuzzologists® use a unique six-step treatment to thoroughly care for, correct, and calm your skin.

Benefits of the Vajacial

The Vajacial is the perfect addition to your waxing routine. Using a unique 6-step process, the Vajacial keeps the skin smooth and fresh. Some benefits are:

-Prevents bothersome bumps and ingrown hairs
-Reduces the look of any impurities
-Brightens and softens the skin

Our Process

1. Purify

Start by gently cleansing the skin with an antibacterial towelette to clear away any impurities.

2. Smooth

Our signature skin perfecting body scrub is used to gently exfoliate the skin, using all-natural sugars and salts to purify and prep the area.

3. Extract

We then use a careful extraction method to remove unwanted and often painful ingrown hairs trapped under the skin.

4. Treat

Using a high-frequency wand, our Fuzzologists® sanitize the area and treat any deep-rooted ingrown hairs.

5. Restore

Our Fuzz exclusive calrifying V-Mask® is applied to the skin to calm any irritation, leaving the skin toned and fresh.

6. Soothe

We complete the treatment with our Fuzz Skin Hydrating Body Lotion that helps calm and restore balance to your skin.

See what others have been saying

"A Vajacial is, in my case, the absolute self-care experience!"

Very Joelle

"If you’re looking for a thorough bikini wax, or their signature ‘Vajacial’ to get everything in order, you’ve come to the right place!"

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"While getting a Vajacial® is an intimate process, Fuzz's Fuzzologists® are committed to making the clients feel comfortable and unembarraassed."

Style List

"Overall, the experience was about as smooth and pleasant as the results!"

The Huffington Post

"The Vajacial is like sending your muff to the spa!"

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