The entire line of Fuzz skincare has been specially formulated to help maintain smooth skin and make in-between wax care easy. It’s Canadian-made, 100% all-natural, and all products were specifically created for pre and post wax care. So is it possible to make a good thing better? The answer is a big YES!

We’ve reformulated our Skin Hydrating Body Lotion to include refreshing citrus notes, similar to our Skin Perfecting Body Scrub. It’s the perfect lotion to apply post-wax, or any time you’re in the mood for an energizing boost of fresh fragrance.

It’s also been given a new, smoother consistency for easier application and better absorption. The new formulation is easier to pump, meaning you’ll be able to get every last drop in the bottle! To top it all off, the new improved Skin Hydrating Body Lotion is quicker absorbing, so you’ll spend less time applying it and more time enjoying the benefits of silky smooth skin.

The new Skin Hydrating Body Lotion is available now at all Fuzz locations, and online now!

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