Here at Fuzz, we’re lovers of all things hairy – from our head to our toes, body hair (or the lack of it!) is something we celebrate. Chances are, you love the feeling of a fresh wax too! Some words of inspiration that come to mind? Strong. Confident. Inspired. Empowered. However a fresh wax makes you feel, we want to know about it! Share how a #FreshWaxFeels and for every post that we receive we’ll proudly donate a dollar to local women’s charity Sistering.

What is Sistering? 

Sistering is a 24/7 drop-in shelter for women in Toronto who experience first hand the impact of marginalization and poverty. They may be homeless, or are at risk of becoming homeless. They are a diverse group, from 16 to 80-plus years old: women with substance use or complex mental health issues; sex workers; women who have interactions with the criminal justice system; women who have experienced, or are experiencing, trauma and violence; immigrant and refugee women; women with health issues and disabilities; and women without legal status.

Learn how to get involved with Sistering.

Your Fresh Wax Feeling will help provide support for these women, meals for all drop-in participants, and valuable outreach and resources delivered throughout the Toronto area. We’re so excited to partner with Sistering and to help raise awareness for all the amazing work they do.

The campaign runs until the end of May, so get inspired and ready to share!

How to get involved?

  • Post your Fresh Wax Feeling on Instagram or Twitter to show us how a #FreshWaxFeels. You can dance, sing, run, jump – anything that best showcases the way you feel after a fresh wax!
  • Tag us @fuzzwaxbar with the hashtag #FreshWaxFeels
  • Your #FreshWaxFeels will be featured on our blog – check back weekly to see if your submissions are included!

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