Brow goals, it’s not just a social media trend, it’s an IRL trend. Are you achieving your best brow life? Check out our top tips below for encompassing your own Brow Goals and achieving the your ideal shape.



Manage your Brow expectations

Brows are sisters not twins, naturally there will be a level of asymmetry, just as all faces have some form of asymmetry! Brows that have been over plucked may have long term hair loss due to the stress and damage on the hair follicle itself, which is a lot of the time unfortunately permanent. Age and hormones can also play a factor in brow shapes and hair supply. If you are wanting to thicken your brows, it’s time to see a professional who can give you the best advice, and together you can play around with different options and methods to achieve the desired end result or as close as possible.


Be picky not plucky

Leave it to the professionals; yes, even the plucking. When starting you own personal brow journey it’s important to seek professional advice. Find an establishment that specialises in brow shaping. There is more to the process than just applying wax, when getting your brows done look for a consultation and brow mapping; the service provider should know what shape and look you want and walk you through the experience.


Try a lash & brow growth serum. 

A relatively new phenomenon, lash & brow serums rose to fame with long lashes that we only thought achievable with extensions, but what happens when applied to the brows? Some people see quiet dramatic growth in areas where previously quite sparse. The science of hair loss is something that isn’t always guaranteed, however using the serum on both lash & brows you can rest assured that you will see results in your lashes which is a win, win.


Fake it!

There are so many more options to achieve brow goals these days, some more semi-permanent, some more costly and some a daily ritual. More semi-permanent options include microblading, is basically a fine blade used to scratch and deposit the pigment under the skin. Brow extensions are more costly, where hair-like fibres are glued to existing hairs or skin to create the look of fuller more natural brows. They tend to last up to 2 weeks before requiring refills.

Not ready to make the commitment to full time brows? Brow pencils, pomades and gels are for you! With the rise in brow goals came the rise in cosmetic makeup to meet your needs; available in varying shades and application styles, brow make up is highly recommended.  This method can offer similar results as microblading, light feathery strokes of the hand can fill in bald spots and add shape and just might surprise you.