Conversations on wax beds; that’s where this initiative started. It was the conversations with Fuzzologist® or Frontline employees that made us all realize there is more to the women employed by Fuzz than meets the eye. It’s about digging deeper and learning more about the women at the ground level of what this business does every day. Side hustles, passion projects, higher learning and hobbies, whatever you choose to call them, we all have one. My own journey at Fuzz started with personal and professional growth, from starting out at Fuzz Queen West as a Fuzzologist® to Fuzz HQ with a role molded around my passions and interests. It was an entirely new concept for me, a business that cared about the things that made me, me. When presented with an opportunity like that, it’s hard not to feel that boost of confidence and pleasure from having your hard work recognized.


After speaking to Fuzz founders Jessie and Flo, I discovered why they are so passionate about empowering others. Their story from the beginning is nothing short of remarkable, fate was at play when these two individuals collided. In 2012, they shook up the Toronto beauty industry and in doing so created and entirely new concept never seen before.


You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that they must have had a phenomenal support and mentorship team behind them, but the truth is these elements weren’t available to them. They had to hustle to make their dreams a reality, building the Queen West Fuzz location from the ground up. Eight years later, these entrepreneurs know the benefits that come with support and empowerment and have the knowledge behind them to act as mentors to the next generation of inspiring women.


Upon further research, I found that studies show the act of empowering, appreciating and complimenting one’s hard work triggers a reaction in the brain similar to receiving money or a reward. Does this mean that we would be happier to receive a compliment compared to an actual prize for our hard work? In short… yes. It’s safe to say empowering staff has mutual benefits for both employees and employers.


Productivity increases:

When you boost an employee’s confidence, their self-esteem grows. People become more accountable for their work, time is used more effectively, and bureaucracy is diminished.


Employee Satisfaction:

Multiple studies have shown empowered employees are more satisfied leading to them being less likely to seek employment elsewhere which has a rebound effect on the employer’s costs of training and hiring new staff.


Quality of work Produced:

Employees who are empowered change the way they work; they produce higher quality of work and the end result becomes a matter of personal pride. Resulting in higher customer satisfaction which boosts customer loyalty.


When the idea was bought to the table of this Fuzz initiative, it came from a completely selfless place of wanting as a brand to promote the hard work that happens outside of the workplace. Most of the Fuzzologists and Frontline’s ambitions are separate entities to the roles and duties they perform inside the wax bars.


It’s about leveraging the Fuzz community to promote and continue to support our staff on their personal journeys to success, however that looks for them. Empowerment is the selfless act of building and inspiring others to reach maximum potential, with no desire to receive anything in return. Knowing the role of Fuzzologist and Frontline exists only in Fuzz Wax Bar and that published author, photographer, hairstylist and dog groom is the role they step into in their spare time. Bi weekly we will be featuring one of our incredible staff members and their passion projects on our instagram story.

Written by Charlotte Powers