We’re no stranger to the beauty industry, and with the popularity of facial fillers and botox right now we got to wondering – what are these services actually like? Ashley at home office was recently looking into having a couple of procedures done, so we tagged along for the ride! Today, she’s sharing what she learned after her first botox experience.

Ashley decided to get the fine lines in her forehead filled along with a mini lip plumping service., but only after doing her research to find a reputable clinic that she felt comfortable booking with. When asked why she chose to undergo these procedures, the answer was pretty simple:

“The lines in my forehead were starting to make me crazy and [were] all I saw when I looked into the mirror! My lips were not planned, but a last minute add on because I’m impulsive and saw great pictures of clients in [the] room.”

On the pain side, one of the things we were most curious about was the sensation of the fillers being injected throughout the procedure. According to Ashley, her forehead injections felt more like mosquito bites and didn’t hurt at all. With her lips on the other hand, even with the numbing cream it felt a bit painful at first.

“The filler has a numbing component in it so after the fourth injection I felt nothing. Also with the lips, you feel them swelling as they are getting done!” Our lips contain super-sensitive nerve endings (just as many as our fingertips!), so it’s not surprising that the sensation there was greater than in her forehead.

As with any procedure, there are pros and cons to consider before making your decision. For Ashley, her main pros were feeling that she looked younger and more refreshed, which definitely resolved her initial concerns. Her biggest con was putting chemicals into her face and knowing that there’s no guarantee that it will go seamlessly. There are always risks involved, which is why Ashley recommends doing a lot of research before deciding on the right clinic. After all was said and done though, Ashley was really happy with her results. The only caveat? She’s still getting used to her bigger lips!

Ashley’s Key Takeaways:

  • Ask your friends to find out where they went to for their procedures. Chances are, if you like the way someone else’s work turned out, you’ll be happy with you results too!
  • Eat before the procedure if you’re nervous about fainting and you’ll be less likely to feel dizzy or lightheaded.
  • Follow all instructions for post-procedure care to make sure you get the best results. For example, don’t wear a hat immediately if you’ve had your forehead done – the pressure can cause the fillers to shift.