When we look at the academic and business successes of Co-founder Flo, we see a woman who has travelled the world, studied hard and hasn’t been afraid to make radical moves to get to where she is today. Her success may have evolved, but her core values have always remained the same. We sat down with her to talk business wisdom, and she outlined for us 5 key elements for successful enterprise.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes:

“Jessie and I had zero experience in business or in the beauty industry, yet we opened a lucrative and thriving business that shook up the aesthetics market. So how did we do it? It’s as simple as this: we may not have ever waxed a person, but we had been waxed many times before as clients. When creating our business, we looked at the gaps in the markets that we saw from a client perspective. Clean, affordable, convenient and fast; that is what we wanted from this particular service, so we went from the end goal – the perfect waxing service – and worked backwards on how to achieve that.”


Treat staff with the idea of people over profit:

“’People over profit’ is a term I whole heartedly believe in when it comes to staff; they are the foundations of any great business and they should be nurtured as such. When employees are empowered and appreciated, they become brand ambassadors. At Fuzz, we do this through corporate culture and wellness. Jessie and I invest in the health and happiness of our staff by running a flexible, open communication, that’s an honest and growth-focused environment. “


Don’t fear partnerships:

The right business partner is someone who compliments you in a business aspect, that thinks differently and can be a champion of the strengths that you lack or don’t enjoy doing. But most importantly,  this person needs to have the same values as you and the same vision. Jessie and I are very different; I am more analytical, my strengths are in operations, systems and finance, whereas Jessie is more focused on employee growth, core values, and branding. We challenge each other in the best ways possible by giving different brand and business views, but the one thing that will always remain the same is that our core values and our long-term vision for the business have always been our common ground.”


Franchising creates business longevity:

“If your goal is scaling your business quickly and giving opportunity to others to join you in growing your business, franchising might be the right choice. When working on your business, create something that fills a gap in your chosen market, that has longevity and that can be easily be replicated. We made the corporate locations of Fuzz so airtight that when we started to franchise, our model was completely transparent and fool proof allowing for us to help our franchisees open and grow without the stress that comes from owning your own business. More time for them to focus on their personal and professional growth.”


Lose the regressive labels:

“When I became a mother, I suddenly became a “Momtrepreneur” but this is a label that I find regressive along with “Working mother”. Being a mother doesn’t define my success and I am not an anomaly, millions of men and women around the world including a lot of our 200 Fuzz staff work to provide for their families and to give their children a better future. We don’t call dad who are entrepreneurs “dadpreneurs” and you will never hear someone say, “oh there is Steve, he’s a working dad, what a guy!”. I believe that raising above labels helps decrease the stress of being the perfect “anything” and just help you be the best version of you. “


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