What are the Most Popular Pubic Hair Styles?

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You’d think the revolution would make its way down to our bikini lines, too—right? I have to believe that as women are wearing their feminism as boldly as they are right now, we would keep the message going by rejecting the Brazilian waxes that the problematic porn industry has taught us we need. (For more on the fascinating history of pubic hair removal, I suggest you click through this informative story from Refinery29. Let’s just say strip clubs, internet porn, Gwyneth Paltrow, and a certain episode of Sex and the City Season 3 all contributed to the mainstream popularity of going bare down under.)

Personally, I haven’t gotten a Brazilian wax in two years. And as a feminist, I state that with pride. (I also just want to quickly mention that I’ve been in a relationship for seven years, but I’m positive that if that weren’t the case, I’d keep the pubes. I’ve never encountered a sexual partner who was picky about my nether regions—plus, if they never get used to seeing you waxed, then they’ll never expect it. But I digress.) What I’m less proud of, however, is that every time I have to be seen in a swimsuit, I (ambivalently) whip out a razor and get grooming. As angry and rebellious as women are right now, I haven’t witnessed anyone bring back the full bush. And I’m fairly certain I don’t want to be the first.

Among my female friends, the only people I know who don’t remove their pubic hair at all are incidentally dating other women. (My friend Molly says that removing your pubic hair contributes to this fantasy that just isn’t as enticing to people with the same parts.) I also know plenty of hetero/mostly hetero women who say they aren’t shaving or waxing anymore, but there’s something about the way they say it that makes me skeptical. (I know it’s messed up not to trust your friends when they tell you about how they deal with their pubes, but alas.) So I’m stuck on the question: How are women really grooming their bikini lines in 2018? Are women annihilating their hair just as much as they did 15 years ago? Or is the feminist pube revolution imminent?

To get to the bottom of 2018’s pubic hair trends (yes, I just typed the phrase “pubic hair trends”), I spoke with a group of hair removal specialists from all over the country—people who observe how real women shape their bikini lines every day. According to their insight, grooming trends seem to vary depending on age and geographic location. In other words, as it turns out, there is no straight answer to my question.

Katie Slanina, a waxer at Skintuition spa in Woodland Hills, says that in Southern California, the waxing business is still booming. “Over the years, there have been many trends, from a Playboy strip to completely bald,” she says. But today most of Slanina’s clients still prefer to wax it all off, save for new moms who like to leave a little something for coverage. “I still see anywhere from 20 to 40 clients daily for Brazilian waxing,” Slanina says.

Other industry insiders say that laser hair removal is on the rise, as it’s a more convenient method for women who have not the time nor the tolerance for waxing. “We are seeing more and more women give up Brazilian waxes because it’s causing them irritation and ingrown hairs. Also, waxing is not permanent, and it can be a time-consuming process,” says Christian Karavolas, owner of Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal Spa in New York City.

Meanwhile, Pamela Jeschonek, an esthetician and owner of Everyday Estheticsoutside of Pittsburgh, maintains that she’s seeing a growing number of women go the natural route. In contrast to the bikini-clad Angelenos and big city New Yorkers, her Pennsylvania clients are “over” the bare look. “Some ladies seem to age out of the style because they have kids and jobs, and it becomes less of a priority. But younger women are preferring a fuller look to keep in line with their more natural, active, organic lifestyles,” she says. “Most women do like to keep the hair trimmed and out of sight when wearing a bathing suit. But for now, it looks like bigger is better may be making a comeback.”

So… does this mean I need to move to Pennsylvania? Le sigh. Regardless, I do feel hopeful that the feminist revolution will find its way into our pubes soon enough.

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