Who we are

Providing exceptional waxing services was just the beginning. We believe that feeling confident and taking care of yourself go hand in hand (and give you better results!). That's why we're dedicated to always being:


Being a category leader, we value innovation and continuously seek new and effective ways to improve our business and our services, products and client experience. 

Client Centric 

All our business and brand decisions are centered around our clients. We always ask ourselves how we can better the client experience that is accessible, high quality, beneficial, enjoyable and most importantly convenient. 

Results driven 

We care about delivering the best experience to give you the best results. This is the core of what we do and why we do it. 

Coast to Coast

We knew from day one, we wanted to make the Fuzz experience available everywhere and build a strong community around it. As industry leaders, we're expanding rapidly across Canada through franchising. Since 2012, we have grown coast to coast.  Our membership-based franchise model provides entrepreneurs with a profitable business opportunity to join our team.

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