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Discover the world of franchising with Fuzz Wax Bar! When you become a Fuzz franchise partner, you join a community of rapidly growing wax bars that will expand together in a billion-dollar industry. Whether you’re well versed or brand new to the business world, Fuzz Wax Bar makes it easy for you to become your own boss.

Our Approach

Fuzz Wax Bar was founded on client-centric fundamentals that have kept things smooth and simplified within every aspect of our company, including our franchising process. Our Fuzz HQ team is dedicated to making sure you thrive in every chapter of your franchising journey with us. Our easy to follow manuals and processes have streamlined all protocols and steps to growing your Fuzz, which also ensures consistency across all of our Fuzz locations. We provide guidance for success from the time you sign on to your first Fuzz, to when you're adding to your Fuzz network.

Inside the Wax Bar

The Fuzz experience fits seamlessly into any area and community and caters to a wide range of demographics and clientele. Each and every Fuzz Wax Bar has a timeless, clean, and inviting atmosphere. Clients know that when they walk into a Fuzz Wax Bar, they are always getting the best of the best, from the wax we use to the education they receive from our staff. Take a virtual walk through one of our Fuzz locations, Fuzz Wax Bar Oakville to get a feel for what your Fuzz will look like.

“We LOVE being apart of the Fuzz Family! Being a 1st time business owner, risk and stress is high- Fuzz truly makes the entire experience enjoyable! Jessie and Florence have been an absolute pleasure working with! They always go above and beyond in the training and never leave your side. We are already looking into a 2nd location- we couldn’t be happier with our decision. The Fuzz team is incredible!”
- Dawn, Franchise Partner, Whitby, Ontario

Why Franchise with Fuzz?

We are a well-established, reputable company that has been recognized around the world. As one of the first membership-based beauty bars around, you will invest in a leading company and that is the trendsetter of the waxing industry.

We have a proven business model that provides predictable revenue streams and recurring revenue. This helps new and growing Fuzz locations succeed quickly with minimal risk.

All of our locations work together and are dedicated to evolve as a community. You will work collaboratively with the team at Fuzz HQ, and you will never feel like you’re in this alone.

We've ironed out the kinks so you don't have to. Our processes for setting up and growing new locations makes it easy to open your first Fuzz. This means you can be up and running within 3 months of signing on as a Fuzz franchisee!

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