Break Free from Breakouts: Acne and Waxing

Beautiful skin comes in all complexions, and you don't have to be free from breakouts to get a great wax. And, a waxing service shouldn’t send your skin into a tail-spin of ingrown hairs, bumps, or acne. 

Here are our tips for waxing an acne-prone face and for aftercare that prevents unwanted outbreaks. 

Does waxing cause acne?

Unless you have an allergy to waxing products, the service itself will not cause acne, but it isn’t uncommon for bumps to pop up afterwards. 

Post-wax pimples can appear because waxing removes hair follicles from the root, making skin more vulnerable to irritation. But often, those bumps aren’t actually pimples, they’re ingrown hairs. In both instances, it’s important to choose your facial skincare routine carefully. 

At Fuzz, we are ambassadors of self care and know the benefits of optimal skin and hair health. And so, we’ve spent a lot of time curating what we believe are some of the best pre and post-wax products available. All of our products are designed to support skin health and vitality, and give you better waxing results — including fewer acne outbreaks. 

Is it safe to wax your face if you have acne?

Yes! Acne won’t get in the way of scheduling your service whenever you want it. Acne prone skin can be safely waxed with a few adjustments and TLC. 

The first thing you’ll want to avoid is waxing an area of skin with active acne. These spots are likely to be irritated and a little inflamed — something that we definitely don’t want to exacerbate by pulling at the skin with wax. 

Because we promote optimal hair and skin health, your Fuzzologist will avoid areas where there is active acne, but will work around it. For example, if you are experiencing a break out on your forehead, it is totally okay to get your upper lip waxed. 

Your skin may also be more sensitive during an acne outbreak, especially if you are using prescription acne medications or even a gentle retinol. If you can, we suggest that you take a break from any strong acne products about 3-5 days before and after your wax to give your skin some downtime.

How to avoid breakouts before waxing

Let’s pause to myth-bust for a moment. It’s a common misconception that acne-prone skin shouldn’t be moisturized because it’s already oily. That’s false because oily skin and hydrated skin are not the same. When we fail to moisturize our skin, it reacts by forming more oil, which can lead to more unwanted acne. Not a cycle we want to encourage!

Here’s how to step in to support your skin by maintaining a healthy routine from head to toe: 

  • Vancouver-based self-care brand Blume’s Daydreamer Face Wash gently cleanses while supporting hydration in the skin, and it’s a fan favourite here at Fuzz.
    P.S. We also love Blume because they’re on a mission to normalize perfectly imperfect skin and support the next generation in feeling confident and free. How great is that?!

  • We also recommend that you gently exfoliate your body the day before (try our Skin Perfecting Body Scrub) to soften hair and prevent ingrown hairs or pimples from popping up.

  • Prior to your appointment, we recommend arriving with clean skin. If you can, take a shower or if not, use a cleaning wipe — but skip the lotions, gels, and creams the day of your appointment to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. 

Another key tip is to avoid the tanning bed or prolonged sun exposure before your waxing service. Sun damage (that goes for tanned or sunburnt skin) can leave it susceptible to irritation and tears during and after the appointment. Ouch! We want you to have a great service with lasting, luxe results, so skip the rays for a couple of days to achieve the best waxing results.

How to avoid breakouts after waxing

You’ve just finished your service and are eager to show your skin some love to ensure smoothest results possible. Your mantra here should be hydration + exfoliation…your secret weapon at avoiding acne after a wax.  

Put aside any harsh gels or lotions. Instead, opt for products that are gentle on skin, like our Fuzz Skin Beautifying Body Oil® and our Fuzz Skin Perfecting Body Scrub®; your dynamic skin-recovery duo.

This is also your opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge. To maintain your results and avoid breakouts, we suggest that you skip the gym and avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing for a day or two. This gives your skin a chance to breathe, rest, and recover.

For our acne-prone and sensitive skin clients, we have some great suggestions for products that will integrate into your daily skin care routine to help reduce breakouts: 

The Fuzz Ice Roller is a small luxury with big benefits! It’s perfect for massaging your face and body post wax and works by supporting lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and inflammation, increases blood flow, and boosts circulation — all of which are great for skin and hair health, and promote a beautiful complexion. 

We also think that you’ll love Blume’s acne-zapping products, including their ‘holy grail’ serum, Meltdown. Use it as a spot treatment to treat and fade blemishes or mix in with your moisturizer for more full coverage. 

Break the breakout cycle and enjoy beautiful waxing results 

Just because you have acne prone skin doesn’t mean that waxing is a no-go. With a little preparation and some easy at-home remedies and aftercare, you can achieve lasting waxing results and avoid breakouts. 

Remember that routine is the key to healthy skin. Prime, prepare, and pamper your face and body through a healthy regimen that includes regular cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, and pre-treating any active breakouts. 

Our Fuzzologists are excited to see you at your next service and answer any additional questions you have about avoiding breakouts after waxing. 

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