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About the product

What it is: Ice rollers are the perfect addition to your wellness routine! This little tool help stimulate the lymphatic system, so you can get rid of puffiness and toxins. It will also help stimulate blood flow and reduce muscle tension. Since it comes straight from the freezer, it is anti-inflammatory, which also means that it can slow the effects of aging, speed up healing and can stimulate collagen production.

What else you need to know: The cooling action of the tool also allows for a refreshed, brighter-looking appearance. Ice rollers may also help constrict blood vessels, thus decreasing inflammation and reducing the appearance of broken capillaries. You can also use them after applying your favourite moisturizer (like the Fuzz Skin Hydrating body lotion) for a fresher and deeper application!

When to use

Whenever you’d like! This tool is small but is not restricted only to the face, therefore clients can choose to use it all over their body, in targeted areas. Using your ice roller as the last step of your skin-care routine is always a good idea as it can help spread products on the face and increase absorption.

Pro tip:. Why limit the rolling to only your face and neck? This mighty little tool can be rolled all over your body. To ensure your roller isn’t harbouring any bacteria, be sure to give it a quick wipe down with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol or with mild soap and water after each use and place it in a bag before leaving it in the freezer.

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