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About the product

What it is: Deeply moisturizing, plant-based massage candle with high quality ingredients and kava-kava root for deep relaxation. Designed to melt at body temperature, the Dame massage candles are safe to use for a full body massage and are a great way to relax and set the mood. 5oz.

Melt together Crisp and clearing with notes of sun-ripened fruit.

What else you need to know: Soy-wax candle for full body, intimate massage. Packed with high quality ingredients moisturizing jojoba oil, vitamin E and relaxing kava kava root. Unique, spout shape for easy pouring


Key ingredients:

Kava Kava is a natural remedy made from the roots of a plant called Piper Methysticum. It's believed to have mood-enhancing properties promoting relaxation, well-being, and contentment

How to use:

Start by lighting the wick and letting the oil melt for about 20 minutes until it's even. Then, put out the flame. Either pour the oil directly on your skin or use your fingertips to apply it.
Massage it in for smooth and nourished skin.

Pro Tips For the best candle experience, trim the wick and burn until an even layer of wax forms. Avoid a well forming and check glass temperature before handling.

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