Fuzz V-Mask®

Fuzz Wax Bar

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About the product

What it is: Fuzz V-Mask® clears away impurities with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, helps reduce inflammation and discomfort while treating ingrown hairs, dry skin and bumps. It leaves the skin with a cooling and calming effect. 120ml.

What else you need to know: It was made specifically for the kini® area, making it a wonderful addition to your monthly waxes. So much so, in fact that this is one of our go-to during the V-Facial™ and P-Facial™ treatments to calm delicate skin.


Kaolin clay, bentonite clay, glycerin, peppermint oil, calendula, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, rosemary leaf extract, chamomile

When to use

Fuzz V-Mask® can be applied in a thin layer and be left on the skin for 3-5 minutes, before being rinsed or gently wiped away with a warm washcloth.

Pro tip: This all-natural product can also be used on the face or all over the body and helps soothes all sort of body inflammations, even the one related to acne, due to its gentle purifying and soothing properties.

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