Can You Wax Your Entire Body? Everything You Need To Know

Full body waxing is the self-care ritual you never knew you needed. Maybe you’ve trial-and-errored your way through sugaring, shaving, and plucking to no avail. Some hair removal techniques are not only time consuming but costly. So what is the safest, most affordable way to remove body hair?

If you’ve visited us at the Fuzz Wax Bar before, you already know the answer. Today, we’re going to uncover the truth behind full body waxing and how this service can give you the smoothest skin — year round.

What Is Full Body Waxing?

Full body waxing is completely safe and worth the effort. A full body wax is hair removal from every area of your body. This includes the arms, underarms, bikini area, and full legs. You can expect to enjoy smooth skin for about 3 to 6 weeks after. This is all dependent on your personal hair growth cycle and wax routine. More on that later.

Is Full Body Waxing Safe?

Full body waxing is a safe, non-invasive procedure. Our Fuzzologists are professionals with the highest levels of expertise and friendliness. If you’re looking to integrate waxing into your self-care routine, look no further. We wax every part of the body.

Benefits Of A Full Body Wax

Beyond smooth skin, you’re also getting a full body treatment. And the more often you wax, the longer you’ll get to enjoy these four incredible skincare benefits:

1) Smoother Skin

When it comes to smooth skin, waxing takes the cake. Pair it with an exfoliator and moisturizer, and you’re set. When you come into Fuzz, you can expect to leave with glowing skin. Wax removes hair from the follicles giving you a hairless complexion for weeks at a time. It also removes dead skin cells, as it exfoliates your skin in the process.

2) No Annoying Cuts Or Nicks

If you’ve ever left the shower injured, you’re not getting old. It’s your razor that needs retiring. When you shave, you run the risk of getting cuts or nicks. That’s because shaving removes hair above the skin, leaving it irritated. Not to mention ingrown. With waxing, you are completely removing the hair without more than a tug. Easy. 

3) Hair Grows Back Slower, Thinner, And Softer

Waxing is the gift that keeps on giving. When you wax, you don’t have to come back until 3 to 6 weeks later. Your hair will grow back thinner and slower after each wax. Waxing is known to reduce hair growth the more consistent you are. We suggest waxing once a month per body part for optimal results.

4) Get Everything Done In One Go

Full body waxing is a one-and-done procedure, removing hair from your entire body. If you’re always on-the-go, a full body wax simplifies the scheduling so you can easily stay consistent. It’s important to follow a regular schedule if you want long-lasting results. Read on to learn how to prepare for your next appointment.

What Should I Expect (With Tips)

What should you expect from a full body wax? Your smoothest skin yet. To prepare for your appointment, you want to keep your skin hydrated to achieve optimal results. Drink plenty of water and apply moisturizer every day leading up to your appointment. You want to not only look good, but feel good.

Before Your Appointment

The days leading up to your appointment are the most crucial. Here are some guidelines that you can follow pre-wax to achieve the results that you desire.

  • Tip: Exfoliate the day before your appointment
  • Tip: Do not use body moisturizer the day of your wax
  • Tip: Don’t shower right before your appointment
  • Tip: Make sure your hair is grown to ¼ of an inch long
  • Tip: Trim your hair with safety scissors if it’s too long (½ an inch or more)
  • Tip: Take pain medication a half hour before your appointment (optional)
  • Tip: Make sure your skin doesn’t have any cuts or breakouts
  • Tip: Avoid retinol products 2 to 5 days before your appointment

During Your Appointment

At Fuzz, we use a hard wax which is best for sensitive skin. Hard wax pulls hair from the follicle rather than grabbing at the skin — perfect for your more delicate areas. That, coupled with our speedy waxing method and your Fuzzologist-assisted breathing technique, will help to ensure a pain-free and pleasant experience.

  • Tip: Wear loose fitting clothes

Post Wax Care

Following your appointment, we suggest laying low for 24 hours. Your skin will need some extra love during this time. We suggest using gentle products from our curated hair and skincare collection, designed for pre- and post-wax care.

You’ll get to enjoy smooth skin for around 3 to 4 weeks. Wait until your hair is at a suitable length before booking your next appointment. The hair growth cycle is unique to every individual.

  • Tip: Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours
  • Tip: Avoid hot baths, showers, or saunas for 24 hours
  • Tip: Do not shave in between waxing appointments
  • Tip: Avoid fragrances and chemical-heavy products
  • Tip: Stay hydrated (inside and out)
  • Tip: Use aloe vera gel to soothe your skin
  • Tip: Apply cold packs if you experience skin irritation

Conclusion: Can you wax your entire body?

Full body waxing is a comprehensive and effective way to remove hair from the entire body. A full body wax can give you many benefits beyond never having to shave again. It’s an efficient way to achieve smooth skin and reduced hair growth overall, guaranteed.

Pre- and post-wax care is essential to achieving and maintaining optimal results. Follow our tips laid out in this article to prepare your skin for smooth success. We suggest keeping a consistent wax schedule to maintain long-lasting results. 

If you’ve never been to Fuzz Wax Bar before, we welcome you! Check out our list of services to find the right service for you. We’re ready to help you feel confident in your skin, however you choose! Join the Fuzz community today to start your waxing routine.


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