How Full Facial Waxing Leads To Smoother Skin

Fact: full face waxing gives you smoother skin. If you’re looking to soften and smooth your face, you’re in the right place.

While other hair removal techniques can get the job done, few match the beauty of waxing. A face wax can significantly improve your skin beyond removing fuzz. In this article, we’re going to give you the lowdown on full face waxing and its many benefits. We’ll also address some common concerns about facial waxing side effects. Let’s dive in.

What Is Full Facial Waxing?

Full face waxing is a holistic way to improve your skin. This procedure removes all hair from your face, leaving behind a smooth appearance. Whatever your motivations are for full face waxing, you’re about to encounter a whole lot more.

Is It Safe To Wax Your Face?

Waxing is a widely accepted practice for removing hair safely and effectively. It’s become a popular choice with the improvement of waxing techniques and technology. At Fuzz Wax Bar, we only use hard wax to wax the face, making it much safer. There are some things to consider before booking your appointment.

If you take Accutane or antibiotics, your skin may be hypersensitive to waxing. You also shouldn't wax if you use topical treatments like Retin-A and Differin on a regular basis. These products can make your skin prone to tearing during a wax. We recommend stopping use of such products 7 days before your appointment and at least 72 hours after your appointment.

You’re good to come on in if these conditions don’t apply to you. Our Fuzzologists practice the highest standards of expertise and friendliness. We’re always equipped with gloves, sanitary products, and proper waxing tools. More importantly, we never double dip. Outside of Fuzz, if you come across any estheticians who do, run in the other direction to Fuzz Wax Bar.

Can Men Wax Their Facial Hair?

People of all genders and identities are welcome at the Fuzz Wax Bar. Full face waxing includes sideburns, brows, lip, chin, cheeks, jaw, and forehead. You can also choose to get these areas done separately. However, we don’t wax beard hair that’s too thick as this could damage the skin. If you have a beard, we suggest trimming it down before waxing.

3 Common Concerns Of Facial Waxes

Despite the amazing benefits of a face wax, there are a few things to keep in mind. The face is a sensitive area to wax. It can be a bit more sensitive, especially if you are currently pregnant or menstruating. Luckily, at Fuzz we are experts in making each experience as pain free as possible with our techniques and breathing exercises to help you feel comfortable. In addition, most facial waxing concerns can be easily prevented with proper pre- and post-wax care. However, there are some misconceptions about full face waxing that we’d like to get out of the way.

Waxed Facial Hair Grows Back Thicker

Waxed facial hair does not grow back thicker. When hair gets waxed, it’s removed from the hair follicle, resulting in reduced hair growth. Not more. As long as you keep up with your appointments, you’ll enjoy thinner and softer hair growth overtime.

My Face Will Breakout (Pimples And Rashes)

Full face waxing can actually lead to less breakouts over time. More on that later. Some people may have an adverse reaction to waxing — particularly if they have sensitive skin. Redness is totally normal after waxing though, and it only lasts temporarily. We recommend you double-down on hydrating your skin with a gentle moisturizer for the first 24 hours following your wax. Applying a cool compress is also a great option for soothing post-wax skin. 

Waxing Will Damage My Skin

The wax removes both hair and dead skin cells like an exfoliant would. So you’re getting a 2-for-1 skin treatment every time. At Fuzz Wax Bar, we only use hard wax for extra sensitive areas. Hard wax only removes the hair without compromising your skin. Your skin after a face wax will be brighter and smoother. As long as you follow proper post-wax care, you’ll be glowing in no time. 

3 Common Benefits Of Facial Waxes

Once you’ve experienced the benefits of a facial wax, you won’t go back. There’s a reason we named our members Fuzz Fanatics. Full face waxing doesn’t only give you smooth, hairless skin. Here’s a few reasons why:

Hair Grows Back Thinner And Softer When you wax regularly

Embrace the wax and reap the benefits for a lifetime. One of the best perks of waxing regularly is thinner, softer hair. Each treatment damages the hair follicles, resulting in reduced hair growth overall. It may not be long before you can skip waxing altogether.

Less Irritation And Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are incredibly common when you shave. That’s because the razor only removes hair at a superficial level. As we mentioned, waxing removes hair from the root. This prevents hairs from growing back into the skin. 

Helps Clean Clogged Pores And Remove Dead Skin

Pores, no more. Full face waxing minimizes the appearance of pores that can cause acne breakouts. Pores can get enlarged from sun damage, oil, or other factors that make them more noticeable on the skin. A face wax removes dead skin cells from the pores, reducing their appearance.

How Full Facial Waxes Lead To Smoother Skin

After your first wax, you’ll notice smoother and brighter skin. This is thanks to the natural exfoliating effect of waxing. Just like an exfoliant would, waxing removes the dead skin cells on the top most layer of your skin. This also means fewer acne breakouts.

How Long Does A Facial Wax Last?

After waxing facial hair, you can expect hairless skin for 3 to 6 weeks. Results vary depending on your personal hair growth cycle. This is dependent on many factors, including the density of your hair, how coarse your hair is, and when your last wax was. Waxing is known to reduce hair growth, growing back thinner each time. It’s a long-term beauty investment you’ll be happy to make.

Conclusion: Does Full Facial Waxing Really Lead to Smoother Skin?

Now that we’ve laid out the facts, we hope you understand what full face waxing is, the benefits and things to keep in mind, and why it’s the best long-term solution to smooth, supply skin. If you’re looking for a specific face treatment, look no further. We don’t just wax. We offer a list of other services that complement your wax. 
Book an appointment with our Fuzzologists today to find the right treatment for you.

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