Is There A Perfect Hair Length For Waxing? (Beginners Guide)

If anyone's ever told you hair length for waxing doesn’t matter, it matters more than you’d think and we’re here to tell you why.

Waxing is one of the most effective hair removal methods that provides a host of other benefits. But the waxing itself is only half the effort. A smooth result requires a good self-care regimen before and after your appointment. And hair length plays a major role.

We’re going to provide you with all the details you need to know about hair wax length, aftercare, and when to book your next appointment. Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your wax appointments.   

What’s The Minimum Hair Length For Waxing?

So how long does hair have to be to wax? About ¼ of an inch long is the bare minimum hair length for waxing. Ideally, your hair should be long enough for the wax to adhere to. You also don’t want it to be too long. We suggest allowing for a full hair growth cycle — about 4 to 6 weeks. Fortunately, this cycle is partially in your control. More on that later.

Why Is Hair Length So Important?

So why does hair length for waxing matter? We like to call it the goldilocks dilemma. Not too short, not too long. Just right. If your hair is too short, it won’t get properly removed from the root. Or it may not come out at all. When this happens, your hair can break leaving behind stubble. If your hair is too long, you will be more sensitive. Luckily, you’re in good hands here.

What To Do If Your Hair Is Too Short

When it comes to waxing, we don't recommend coming in with short hair. If that's the case the solution is simple: reschedule your appointment. We want to make sure you are getting the most out of your appointment. Unlike shaving, wax pulls hair from the follicle to give you a smooth, clean result. Not with short hair, though. It might not come out at all, and if some does, you’ll have different growth cycles for each hair follicle. There is also a chance your hair will break and leave behind ingrown hair.

That’s why we use soft wax on larger areas like the legs. Soft wax grips hair even more than hard wax, ensuring your hair is fully removed. We also suggest waiting until the ideal hair length is grown (¼ of an inch). Until then, avoid shaving your hair.

Can Hair Be Too Long To Wax?

If you’re a first time waxer, welcome. You’ll want to read this. If your hair is longer than ½ an inch, your wax will be more sensitive. Luckily, this is easily preventable. What you can do is trim it. Alternatively, you can still come into your appointment and our Fuzzologists will trim your hair to the appropriate length before beginning to wax.

What’s The Ideal Time Gap Between Appointments?

Now that you know all about hair length for waxing, how long should you wait between appointments? Well, it depends. Some areas of your body grow hair faster and thicker than others. Just like how your bikini hair grows faster than your arm hair, thanks to hormones.

We recommend waiting out the full hair growth cycle. This lasts about 4 to 6 weeks for most people. If you’re not ‘most people’, we have the exact breakdown of how long to wait. Keep reading.


The facial wax is a popular option at Fuzz Wax Bar. A facial wax will give you smooth, flawless skin for around 2-3 weeks, give or take.


Underarms vary. They can be slower to grow hair, depending on your personal hair growth cycle. Try to observe your underarm hair growth cycle when waxing on a continuous basis. A typical timeframe is 3-4 weeks.

Arms And Legs

We love smooth legs (and hairy!) as much as you. An arm and leg wax outlasts the rest of your body. That's right, smooth skin for 4-5 weeks.

Below The Belt

A below-the-belt wax applies to all sorts of waxes: The Kini™, The Deep Kini™, and The Zillian™. The bikini area typically grows hair in 3 weeks. This area can be sensitive, so pay extra care to your hair length for a smooth experience.

What To Do Between Waxes

So you got waxed what feels like yesterday, and now your hair is growing back. What should you do? Well, you can expect your smooth results to last about 2 weeks before the stubble appears. If your hair reaches a length you're not comfortable with, please don’t shave. This is important in the long-run. That's because waxing reduces hair growth, while shaving can increase its growth.

If you choose to shave or pluck, you might prolong your time between waxes. You also might irritate your skin. So what’s the best approach to take? Let it grow. Take care to exfoliate regularly. This will make your next wax easier and more pleasant.

How To Care For Your Skin After Waxing

Pre- and post-wax care is especially important for getting and maintaining a desirable result. Your Fuzzologist will prepare you with the following information. They will also clean and hydrate your skin right after your wax.

Following your appointment, avoid sunlight, swimming, and sweating. Avoid anything that will heat your skin — looking at you, tan enthusiasts. Wear loose fitting clothes after your appointment to let your skin breathe. If you’re experiencing pain, we recommend using an Ice roller. Aloe vera gel is also fantastic for soothing your skin without clogging pores. Use lukewarm water to shower, and avoid products with heavy fragrances or chemicals.

After the first 24 hours, you can resume normal activities. We highly recommend exfoliating and moisturizing daily to get optimal results. This will also make your next wax easier and less painful. Most importantly, resist the urge to shave. We know it’s tempting to get rid of stubble. But the longer you wait, the sooner you can wax again. This will reduce your hair growth overall.

Conclusion: Is There a Perfect Hair Length for Waxing?

Proper hair length for waxing is one of many techniques to get a great result. To summarize, make sure your hair length is about ¼ of an inch and no longer than ½ an inch. If it’s too short, wait to wax. If it’s too long, you can trim it yourself or we’ll take care of that for you. 

Don’t shave between waxes, and make sure to book your appointments at the appropriate time. Waxing is a long-term commitment to long-lasting results. Join the Fuzz community today!

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