Should I Shower Before Or After Waxing? (Beginners Guide)

Whether you’re new to the game or a waxing pro, taking a shower before or after waxing is a common question we’re happy to address. Smooth skin is a result everybody deserves — and a promise Fuzz delivers. Aside from using our pre-service products, there are many ways to achieve smooth, even skin.

If you’re a first-time waxer, you likely have a few questions to ask. So should you shower before or after waxing? Here’s what our Fuzzologists have to say:

Why Knowing When To Shower Is Important For Waxing

When it comes to achieving and maintaining a long-lasting result, pre- and post-wax care are everything. Showering plays a huge role in this process. That’s because heat can increase the vulnerability of your skin, while also opening the pores. At the same time, hygienic skin is good for getting an optimal result.

Keep reading to discover how showering can affect your wax results.

Taking A Shower Before Waxing

It’s not mandatory to shower before you wax. Taking a shower before waxing can help you achieve a great result. Let’s dive into why we recommend of showering before your wax:

  • Showering removes sweat and product build-up to reveal clean skin which is best for easy hair removal
  • Heat opens your pores for easy, painless hair removal
  • Showering softens your skin, making the hair follicles looser
  • Showering can prevent ingrown hairs from forming afterwards

Ps. Regardless, we will always have access to hypoallergenic wipes to freshen up when you come in for your appointment.

How To Shower Before Waxing

If you plan to arrive at your appointment in squeaky clean condition, we recommend taking a bath before wax at least two hours prior. This will give your skin enough time to dry and return to its usual body temperature.

Always opt for lukewarm water. Too hot water can compromise your skin during the wax. If you choose to exfoliate your skin, make sure to do so at least 48 hours before your appointment. Otherwise, your skin will be vulnerable without its protective barrier. 

After your shower, skip the lotions, oils, and deodorants. These will prevent wax adherence to the skin. Instead, use a moisturizing body wash like this plant-based wash from I Love My Muff. Lastly, wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment to give your skin room to breathe. 

Taking A Shower After Waxing

Following your appointment, you may notice wax residue left over. Showering can remove this waxy residue, but we recommend using hypoallergenic wipes if you want to wait a bit longer before showering.

After wax care is a priority if you want to achieve a long-lasting, smooth result. Whether or not you shower, make sure to only use a gentle cleanser and lotion for 48 hours following your wax. Avoid any fragrances or chemical-heavy products.

How To Shower After Waxing

If you choose to shower after your appointment, we suggest the following precautions:

  • Avoid hot showers, saunas, or steam 24 hours after waxing. Our Fuzzologist will clean the treated area to soothe the skin and remove residue for you.
  • Always wait two hours post-wax before taking a shower. Use lukewarm water.
  • Don’t exfoliate after waxing. Your skin will be hypersensitive for the first 48 hours.
  • Avoid using any heavy fragrances right after your appointment.
  • Pat your skin to dry off. Avoid rubbing the skin.

For silky soft skin, we recommend using a hydrating body lotion on a daily basis following your appointment.

When We Recommend Showering

So, should you shower before or after waxing? Our Fuzzologists recommend taking a bath before wax. Prepping your skin with a warm shower can help your Fuzzologist have an easier time removing hair from the root. A shower before opens your pores, making hair removal easier and more comfortable. It will also soothe your skin to prevent any ingrown hairs from forming. 

The Importance Of Self Care Before And After Waxing

As we mentioned, pre- and post-wax care can make a drastic difference in your wax results. We recommend the following for proper pre and post care: if you have a low pain tolerance, you can choose to take a painkiller half an hour before your appointment. Always ensure your hair is long enough to wax (about a quarter inch long). If your hair is longer than half an inch, we suggest trimming it. Our Fuzzologists will do this for you otherwise.

Wear breathable, loose fitting clothes to your appointment to let your skin breathe. Once the wax is over, you’ll want to take extra care of your skin for 48 hours. Remember to stay out of the sun and avoid swimming, exfoliating, or intense physical activities. Opt for gentle skincare products during this time.

Conclusion: Showering Before or After Waxing: Which is Better?

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable! Your body, your rules. We’re more than ready to provide you with the best service, whatever you choose. A smooth experience (and result) is in store for you at Fuzz Wax Bar.

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